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Various online competitions, quiz and webinars are being organised by ENVIS Hubs and Resource Partne – Posted 13 Month ago   

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Ozone Day

On the occasion of 'World Ozone Day- 2021 ENVIS Hubs and Resource Partners (RPs) are organizing Webinar, competitions and various other activiti...

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Profile of Hon'ble Minister


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World Environment Day


 World Environment Day 2021

ENVIS India Report

The ENVIS India family through the ENVIS Hubs and RPs on the occasion of World Environmental Day-2021 had organized more than 104 online competitions, 46 numbers webinars related to the theme Ecorestoration and published 32 numbers of knowledge products. All total about 80,000 beneficiaries got directly benefited with record from the World Environment Day-2021 with many more indirect beneficiaries. The various stakeholders like, students, researchers, academicians, business and industry personals were benefited from this year World Environment Day programmes. The school and college students are mostly involved in different activities engaging their creative minds in those programmes and benefited for further development during the pandemic restriction period.

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Date of News:  06-Jun-2021