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Ozone Day

On the occasion of 'World Ozone Day- 2021 ENVIS Hubs and Resource Partners (RPs) are organizing Webinar, competitions and various other activiti...

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PublicationYear: CPREEC ENVIS Newsletter

This newsletter published by CPREEC ENVIS-RP. The main purpose of this newsletter is to bring forth and publish articles concerning all aspects related to the knowledge of ecological traditions in India as well as novel interpretations and theoretical issues related to the conservation of the same.

This newsletter covered a traditional water management system called Suranga (also Surangam or thurangam) (English: Tunnel well), used to provide a reliable supply of water for human settlements and irrigation in the state of Kerala. 

Digging through the ‘suranga’ cave wells, one of the oldest water harvesting systems found in the regions of north Kerala and Karnataka, 67-year old Kunjambu has singlehandedly provided water to the villagers of Kundamjuzhy, a village in Kerala’s Kasargod district for more than 50 years. Kunjambu, who started digging at the age of 14 is now one of the very few suranga diggers left in the country and claims that thus far, he has dug out over 1000 of these cave-like wells. This issue covers an article on ‘Kerala man digs 1000 + cave wells in 50 years, builds rare Suranga water system’.

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